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How to make Frontpanels using Lazertran decals.

Frontpanel with Lazertran decal

Frontpanel with Lazertran decal

New Project added:

Midi-CV/Gate Converter with additional CC output

CV-Gate Converter

CV-Gate Converter

The key features:

  • Low cost, part costs below 20E  ( actually with the power supply it is more expensive)
  • 8 bit resolution
  • Midi Channel learn function by button press
  • Midi Channel saved to EEprom and loaded at next startup
  • Linear and Logarithmic CV curve  implemented on microcontroller as a lookup table
  • CV mode saved to EEprom and loaded at next startup
  • Gate off via either note-off command(8xh) or by note-on with velocity zero
  • Linear mode range: 8 octaves
  • Logarithmic mode range: 3.octaves
  • Modulation Wheel CC on second DAC output
  • Positive supply voltage only, no bipolar power supply needed

PIC16F628 based Midi-Sync/Sync-Midi Converter

Midi to Sync/ Sync to Midi Converter Schematic

Midi to Sync/ Sync to Midi Converter Schematic

New Veste Release on Swayzak’s new label Serieculture!

Serieculture E.P.1

VARIOUS / 240 VOLTS - 240 Volts presents Serieculture 001 E.P, 240 Volts

4 Tracks from 4 Artists, a quality electronic music crossover 4 track e.p. of deep house and detroit techno with a hint of, dare i say it – “minimalism” !

Serieculture E.P1

Veste : Function Select – CLIP
Blufarm : Inside – CLIP
Ben Vedren : Brick Lane – CLIP
Shockt : Coding Parts – CLIP

Get the full download at the known MP3 download portals like beatport, discogs, finetunes etc.

Please do not steal music!

Roland 80017A VCF/VCA Teardown page added

80017A VCF/VCA inside

80017A VCF/VCA inside

Sequencial Circuits Prophet5 servicing page added

Prophet 5 after service

Prophet 5 after service

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