Synth and Studio Electronics Repair Service

Vintage studio electronics can provide good fun and sound, but since we are talking ‘vintage’ here, there is a large margin for failure.

My goal is to keep the good old times alive by maintaining and servicing these beloved machines. Over the time I have been able to build a solid knowledge about analog electronics and mainly electronic music equipment, where of course my education as electronics engineer came in handy as well.

I can provide repair and service for most analog equipment, of course the repair time always depends on the complexity of the job.

If you have some vintage equipment that you really would like to be fixed, contact me via the about/contact link by sending a comment or email to:  obsoletetechnology(at)gmx(dot)com

Some examples of recent work I have done:

Reparatur von defekten Studiogeräten, Synthesizer und Effektgeräten. Reparaturservice sowie auch Modifikation und Umbau. Raum Trier und Umgebung. Anfragen per e-mail: obsoletetechnology(at)gmx(dot)com
Réparation / Révision / Entretien de synthétiseurs, effets et processeurs de studio dans la region Metz et alentours, demandes via courrier electronique: obsoletetechnology(at)gmx(dot)com

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