Obsoletetechnology is my personal webpage about stuff I like to do, like electronic music, vintage music equipment repairs and DIY projects.

Founded: 2008

Overview: Based in Luxembourg, Obsoletetechnology is one of the rare vintage electronic musical instruments repair and service centers in the Benelux area. Obsoletetechnology is specialized in analog electronics design and repair, vintage digital electronics, music electronics and embedded software design based on PIC and other microcontrollers.

Description: Obsoletetechnology is all about vintage electronic music instruments and the repair and maintenance their-of. Besides repair and service, Obsoletetechnology also offers special equipment design and development for interfacing hardware and software.

Mission: Maintain and develop the art of electronic musical instrument design as well as to keep the vintage legends alive.

Products: – Vintage Synthesizer repair and restoration.
– Synthesizer related interface development.
– Recording Equipment repair and design.
– Midi – CV Converters and Midi Synchronization Interfaces.
– Open Source Tools for DIY applications.

If you would like to contact me about my music or repairs feel free to leave a comment or email me at:


In the workshop

In the workshop


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