BEOVOX S80.2 Foam Edge Replacement

A while ago, I got a complete Bang&Olufsen Beocenter somebody had dropped off at the local recycling center. The speakers were shot with the foam rings in advanced disintegration state. Since the speakers do look quite nice and electrically in good shape, I decided to fix them and replace the foam rings.

I ordered the replacement parts online, together with the glue.

Actually, applying the new rings was not really hard, I removed the old foam with a plastic scraper and cleaned up with some alcohol after. Then it was just a matter of applying new glue, starting with the center and well centering the new rings on the paper membrane. Once that was done, I continued with the outer ring, glued to the chassis.

All in all it was about 2 hours of work and it left me with a pair of sweet sounding speakers.



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