x0xb0x TB303 clone

TB303 clone with circuit boards from ladyada.

I first wanted to route my own PCB layout, but then I stumbled upon the x0x which has a very close to original design.

Nevertheless, I had to source all the components  myself since at that point of time, the ladyada online shop did not have a complete kit on stock.

Anyway, I still could get hold of all the parts without too much trouble, I only had to order at several different component providers.

x0xb0x side view

x0xb0x side view

The frontpanel for the xOxbOx has been made using Lazertran transfers. I could not find a good explanation on how to use them but i managed to get it pretty nice.

x0xb0x Frontpanel closeup

x0xb0x Frontpanel closeup

Update: I found a good page on how to use the Lazetran decals at Gustav Andersson’s S-101-x page and here’s also my own writeup of the procedure: Making frontpanels using Lazertran decals.


Thanks to Ladyada for making this cool project available!


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